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Saturday, June 06, 2015

SWEET DREAMS daisy flower still life watercolor painting

I had a delightful dream last night (which nobody wants to hear about, I know) but I keep thinking about it, which leads me to other fantastic, fantasy adventures, which has kept a smile on my face all day. It occurred to me that our daydreams are one of the few things that bring delight without costing a cent.
To take the day and drive the coastal highway, ski the Swiss Alps, or lounge by a tropical sea wearing a bikini on your perfect body.
Have lunch with a departed loved one, a faraway friend, or an admired hero.
See yourself dancing like a pro by the light of the moon.
A world and beyond of possibility can take place;

Awe, wonder and magic;

In the mind.
So where will you allow your mind to take you today? Make it the trip of a lifetime. It's all yours. Have fun.
Sweet Dreams
watercolor  10 x 12" 

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