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Monday, June 29, 2015


 I spent last week painting outside, when it wasn't pouring rain. This has been a very damp June. I wanted to capture that hazy quality of the air on a humid day. In the first 2 paintings, I was lucky enough to catch a bit of sunshine peeking out from a cloud, or the clouds parting just as the sun was setting.
These 4 paintings were all started and finished at one sitting. I have several others that need a bit of touch up in the studio. I'm working on that ever elusive trait for plein air painting: loose brush strokes.

June 23
oil on linen  8 x 10"


June 24
oil on linen  5 x 7"


Kilarney Park (SOLD)
oil on linen  5 x 7

This was painted from a photo I took in Ireland in February.

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